Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Session 16

The issue of neglect is a serious one as it has a lot of detrimental effects on children, as can be seen from the dangerous nature of crimes committed by children, and the young age at which children are introduced to crime. In addition, one of the reasons that many children, through no fault of their own, are taken under State care is the refusal or inability of family members to carry out their responsibilities.

Academic research has found that the psychological trauma suffered by children due to broken families have a lasting impact. This has also been observed by local institutions which provide psychological support services. This paper will discuss the effects of trauma suffered by children due to irresponsible and neglectful parents in light of discoveries made by said local institutions.

This paper will also look into the role of the Bill on Protection of Child Rights and the Bill on Juvenile Justice presented to the Parliament by the Government, in promoting familial obligations. It will propose amendments to the two bills, along with changes to the relevant sections of the Act Number 4/2000 (Family Law Act). It will also include short-term steps that can be taken by the courts immediately and measures that can be introduced and implemented in the long term.

Proactive solutions to prevent children from being exposed to abuse will be discussed in the paper, in addition to the importance of empowering children with special needs and those from low-income households, as they are easy targets of criminal activity.

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