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Session 15

The people who stand to benefit most from strengthening the family justice system are those who require special protection. For this reason, civil societies who represent and work closely with people who require special protection play a huge role in strengthening the family justice system. Even at present, there some civil societies doing work related to the family justice system, such as providing legal advice, promoting public awareness, holding the Government accountable, and advocating to make courts and other services more accessible to people with special needs. This paper will shed light on the difficulties faced in doing the above-mentioned work, and also the steps that can be taken to improve and systematize it.

Presently, some civil societies are providing legal aid to those in need. This paper includes information gathered by interviewing some of those who have received legal aid through civil societies. As the right to a fair trial is a human right, the paper will also discuss the role of the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives and other similar institutions.

One of the challenges faced by civil societies is that, people with special needs, and other people who are marginalized in the society, do not have the necessary information on how to assert their rights through the courts. The difficulties faced by people with special needs in obtaining court services and lawyers are another challenge to civil societies. This paper will also look into the financial burden placed on marginalized people due to the high cost of legal services.

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