Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Session 14

As the highest authority mandated with child welfare and protection in Maldives, the Ministry of Gender and Social Services carries out numerous functions, including promoting public awareness on the child rights, investigating issues regarding child abuse allegations and violations of child rights, providing psycho-social support to children and their families, and also, in special circumstances, taking the child under State care.

This paper will mainly focus on the role of the Ministry in determining the best interests of the child on the cases referred to the Ministry. It will look at the types of cases submitted to the Ministry, and assess the methods used by the Ministry to determine the best interests of the child, depending on the type of case. It will also focus on the importance of the right of the child to be heard in cases involving them. Another aim is to highlight the challenges faced by the Ministry in carrying out its responsibilities and presenting comprehensive solutions for these challenges within the family justice system.

In addition, this paper will look into the relevant statistics of the cases submitted to the Ministry, in order evaluate whether the aim of determining the best interests of the child is achieved through the current procedures followed by the Ministry. It will conclude by stating the solutions for the problems highlighted in this paper, with reference to the procedures followed in other jurisdictions.

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