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Malaysian Professor Delivers Second Edition of MJA Lecture Series


Malaysian Professor Puteri Nemie Jahn Kassim has delivered the Second Edition of the MJA Annual Lecture Series 2016.

Professor Jahn Kassim of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), an expert on medical law, lectured on the topic Fundamental Concepts and Principles of Medical Law.

The Lecture, held at the Training Hall of the Department of Judicial Administration, was organized by the Maldives Judicial Academy in collaboration with the Islamic University of Maldives.

Professor Jahn Kassim shed light on the basic legal principles governing the medical profession, and discussed legal issues in the relationship between medical professionals and practitioners and patients with relevant case law.

The Lecture was attended by Justices of the High court of the Maldives and Judges from the Civil Court, Family Court, Juvenile Court and the Criminal Court.

A degree program to be held in block mode for Magistrates

A degree program to be held in block mode for Magistrates is to begin in October this year. Talks are being held with the party conducting the degree program to begin sessions in early October this year.

This is a degree program for Magistrates is designed to be conducted in block mode.

MJA Conducts First Edition of Lecture Series

The Maldives Judicial Academy has conducted the first edition of its Annual Lecture Series 2016 tonight, at the Conference Hall of the Islamic University of Maldives. The inaugural edition of the Series was conducted in collaboration with the Islamic University of Maldives.

Tonight’s Lecture, under the title Types of Employment and the Common Law Remedies: A Comparative Approach was delivered by Professor Doctor Ashgar Ali bin Ali Muhammad, an expert from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

The program was designed to feature a ninety-minute lecture, followed by an hour of questions and answers. In his coverage of the topic, the Lecturer discussed the different types of employment and remedies provided by the English Common Law for dismissal of employees on wrongful, unfair, or unjustifiable grounds.

Professor Doctor Ashgar Ali has been teaching at the IIUM since 2012, having completed his legal education in Malaysia and New Zealand. He has authored a number of books on law, and published many articles in academic journals. He has also presented papers in various international conferences.

Tonight’s lecture was attended by Justices of the High Court of Maldives and Judges from the Criminal Court, the Civil Court, the Family Court, the Juvenile Court, and the Drug Court, in addition to some Magistrates. 

MJA Annual Lecture Series is one of the many programs of continuing judicial education and training to be conducted by the Maldives Judicial Academy. Four lectures are planned for every year, and each would be delivered by an expert or academician of note, on topics relevant and important for the Maldivian judicial and legal sector.

Information Session on Terrorism and Extremism Begins

A program to disseminate information to the judges and staff of the Judiciary on the perils of terrorism and extremism and their impact on society began today.

The program is being conducted under the title “Terrorism and Extremism: An Enormous Threat to the Society” and today’s session was for the judges.

Brigadier General Zakariyya Mansoor and Major Hassan Amir from the Ministry of Defence and National Security instructed the session today which was attended by the judges of the High Court and the superior courts. The Minister of Defence and National Security Adam Shareef was present at the inaugural session of the program being held at the training hall of the Department of Judicial Administration.
The program is being held by the Department of Judicial Administration in collaboration with the Judicial Academy, the Ministry of Defence and National Security and the National Counter Terrorism Centre.

The program aims to create awareness on the threat of terrorism and extremism on a national level, the clear and present dangers of both to the Maldivian society, the scale of its imminent threat, our responsibilities to the international community, the national policy on extremism and terrorism, and measures being taken by the country to combat the threats.

Today’s session will continue till 14:00 hours and tomorrow’s session will be conducted for senior officials of the courts.

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